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JONATHAN AND HIS NEW ORACLES ... JUST LIKE IN THE DAYS OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR : 2015 Election: President Jonathan On Divine Mission To Rescue Nigeria – Kashamu ... InformationNigeria

The Chairman, Organisation and Mobilisation Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in South-West, Prince Buruji Kashamu, on Monday said President Goodluck Jonathan was on a divine mission to rescue Nigeria.
“President Jonathan is a man on a divine mission. God is not yet done with the President and Nigeria”, the PDP chieftain told journalists in Lagos.
Kashamu also called on Nigerians to support the president’s re-election bid come 2015 describing him as ‘an agent of change’.
He said: “I urge all Nigerians and the good people of the South-West to reject hard liners.
“President Jonathan has remained focused and unfettered. In spite of all the abuses and needless provocation, the president keeps saying he has no enemies to fight. This shows the mindset of the president and his love for all”.
Dispelling the notion that the anti-corruption war had waned under the Jonathan administration, Mr. Kashamu pointed out that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had recorded more successes in its court cases under the present administration than any other before it.
“There is a higher level of accountability and transparency in the management of our Excess Crude Account, Foreign Reserve as well as oil proceeds unlike what obtained in the past.
“For the first time in over 20 years, the accounts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) are being audited at the instance of President Jonathan”, Kashamu said.
He also said that there was respect for freedom of expression and civil liberties under the Jonathan administration.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE ... WONDERS OF OUR TIME : Warships belong to NIMASA, not Tompolo, says Navy ... GuardianNews

THE Nigerian Navy has debunked claims that former Niger Delta militant, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, has bought seven decommissioned Norwegian battleships supposedly for policing of Nigerian waterways.
  Naval Chief of Training and Operations Austine Oyagha who made the rebuttal yesterday in Abuja to media men said: “No individual has acquired gunboats into this country, the gunboats being alluded to actually belong to NIMASA (Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency), and these boats are currently being manned by the Personnel of the Nigerian Navy.
  “As you may be aware the NN has collaboration with NIMASA” with the attending maritime components “to support them in executing their statutory responsibilities in ensuring the safety of the maritime space and anchorage.” 
   Although the Naval authorities did not clarify if the boats were acquired within the last two years, Oyagha confirmed, however, that the collaboration with NIMASA is more than three years, in the course of which such gunships have been acquired, but can only be equipped with the said weapons with the consent of the Navy.
  Tompolo was reported to have said “that these boats in question have been in the care of NIMASA for about two years now. For the avoidance of doubts, the boats are not warships or gunboats as being erroneously spread by mischief-makers.
  “The boats as acquired are neither equipped with war arsenals nor are they ammunition carriers. They are simply boats equipped with modern surveillance devices to track oil thieves and in the process, increase the nation’s revenue base through NIMASA”.
  The Naval chief spoke further: “The boats that I know of belong to NIMASA. Collaboration the Navy has with NIMASA. is that they can buy boats but they cannot acquire the weapons. When they buy we provide the personnel that man the boats, and the Navy arms the boats accordingly.” 
   “The collaboration with NIMASA is more than three years now and we have been acquiring boats over the years. I cannot give you the exact figure but they will continue to acquire these boats.”
  Director General of NIMASA Patrick Akpobolokemi had said simple decommissioned vessels procured by NIMASA through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement were being used by the Nigerian Navy with whom the agency has a working agreement.
   “As an arm of the government responsible for maritime safety, security and regulations amongst others, we work in conjunction with the Nigerian Navy and other relevant security agencies to use their men and arms to patrol and provide safety of the country’s water ways, as mandated by the global body, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).”

Monday, December 15, 2014


bags of cement
The hope of  construction experts and  cement consumers over a crash in the price of cement was dashed yesterday with a fresh hike in the price of the commodity.
Some weeks ago, a major cement producer in the country said it had crashed the price of the product to as low as N1,000 eliciting excitement in the construction sector.  Even with the promise, the product was never sold at N1000 anywhere across the country.
A dealer in the Ibafo area of Ogun State who spoke on condition of anonymity said one of the major manufacturers had indicated that its next consignment would be delivered at N1,900, adding that by the time other variables are added, a bag of the product would get to the final consumer at N2,200.
To make the product available to customers, the firm said it had set up depots across the nation and also offered opportunity for direct purchase.

LOOK WHO'S TALKING AND HEAR WHAT HE'S SAYING : Why Nigeria Has Not Won War Against Boko Haram – Oritsejafor ... InformationNigeria

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor says Nigeria has not been able to win the war against Boko Haram insurgency due to pretense by some Nigerians and refusal to speak the truth.
“Nigeria is fighting against truth. We hate truth, we hide truth and we fear truth. It is so unfortunate. In John 8:32, Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free,” Oritsejafor said at the Northern States Christian Elders Forum (NOSCEF) Traditional Rulers Conference 2014, in Abuja.
“Nigeria is not free because we are running away from truth. Truth can be bitter, but when you swallow it, when it gets inside, it could become sweet.
“No nation can grow or develop without embracing the truth. No matter how difficult it is. In the same John 8:46, Jesus said, ‘if what I have told you is the truth, then why do you refuse to believe me?’ This is the situation of Nigerians today, we are like Ostriches, we are a nation of pretenders.
“We wrote from the truth and we want to believe that somehow, our troubles will just vanish, but it never happened that way, because truth has a way of creating a level plain ground for everybody. Nigerians must face the truth, accept it, work with it, live by it, and must build a nation of truth,” the CAN president said.
On his part, the National Chairman of NOSCEF, Mr Olaiya Phillips, described the activities of Boko Haram in the North-East as an inferno engulfing the nation. He accused politicians of not having the interest of the people at heart.
“In recent months, many politicians have tried to claim that one political party or another is secretly using Boko Haram for their own ends. Providing them with weapons and finance; Yet not one piece of evidence has been forthcoming,” Phillips said.
“Accusations and denials have filled the newspapers, but these politicians not want to help our community. They just want our votes so that they can look after themselves. They feed on fear and gorge themselves on terror,” he said.

JUST LIKE IN THE DAYS OF KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR : Outrage as Okupe compares Jonathan with Jesus Christ ... PunchNews

Outrage as Okupe compares Jonathan with Jesus Christ
Nigerians have severely criticised the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, for comparing President Goodluck Jonathan with Jesus Christ.
Speaking during a live breakfast show on Channels Television on Monday, the presidential aide said Jonathan had borne the nation’s problems and woes on his shoulders in the same way that Jesus Christ had always carried the burden of Christians all over the world.
Gesticulating widely during the programme, Okupe stated that, with regard to the Nigerian situation, Jonathan could best be likened to Jesus Christ.
Noting that Nigerians had failed to understand the troubles the President had gone through for the sake of “everybody” in the country, he said, “There are political issues. People do not understand the burden this particular President is bearing. He is like Jesus Christ. He (Jonathan) is bearing the burden of everybody.”
In view of Jonathan’s “untold burden” for the nation, Okupe said, it would be impossible for his principal to lose re-election in 2015.
The presidential aide boasted that though certain politicians had been allegedly sabotaging the Federal Government’s reforms, especially in the power sector, victory was still certain for his principal.
“Today, the Nigerian Army is in total and perfect control of the North East. I can’t see Jonathan losing this (2015) election. It’s not possible,” he added.
Reacting to his comments, many Nigerians lambasted Okupe for comparing Jonathan to Jesus Christ and asked him to withdraw the statement.
Online activists who took a swipe at Okupe urged Jonathan to publicly reject the title of “Nigeria’s Jesus Christ” which they said Okupe erroneously bestowed on him.
An angry online activist, Tayo Moore, accused Okupe of insulting Jesus Christ by comparing Him with his boss.
Noting that the development was sacrilegious, Moore advised Okupe not to hold the belief that he could “insult” Jesus Christ and go scot free.
“Okupe has just confirmed that he doesn’t know or have Christ. It is only a matter of time before he (Okupe) begins to compare Prophet Mohammed and Jonathan in the same breath.
“That will be his final undoing. I am wondering what the Christian Association of Nigeria has to say on Okupe’s sacrilege, given its current ‘leadership’ or should I say lack thereof?” Moore argued via his Twitter handle.
A Kano-based respondent, Nazir Galadanchi, cautioned the medical doctor-turned politician against uttering what he described as a blasphemous statement.
Galandanchi argued that Okupe’s latest analogy was not surprising as he had recently compared his boss with the late anti-Apartheid leader, Nelson Mandela, with a view to selling the President’s candidature to Nigerians.
“That’s blasphemy. Okupe should please seek for forgiveness,” he added in a message on Twitter.
Political blogger, Japheth Omojuwa, described Okupe’s latest comparison as the height of “desperation” of the Jonathan-led Presidency.
“Doyin Okupe just called Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria’s Jesus Christ. We have finally reached the peak of their desperation. How can you trust a bad marketer to sell a bad product? Okupe trying to sell Jonathan is the journey of a blind man leading another,” he tweeted.
Social commentator, Temitope Atiba, stated that it amounted to an oddity for Okupe to preoccupy himself with drawing semblances between the President and the central figure of Christianity.
“You can see the stark irony of life when Doyin Okupe begins to compare Goodluck Jonathan to our Lord Jesus Christ. Then again Goodluck Jonathan and Jesus Christ have little else in common apart from flesh and blood,” Atiba argued.
Describing Okupe’s comparison as strange, another respondent, Aisha Yesufu, said it was the “height of madness.”
“Is nothing sacred to these people? Is there nothing that one does not dabble in with these people? This is the height of madness,” she added.
She also cautioned Okupe against blaming Jonathan’s failures on activities of saboteurs, stating that “excuses are meant for weaklings.”
“There is not bad weather only bad clothing. Excuses are for weaklings. A government easily sabotaged should give way. We are sick of the excuses. They (excuses) are way out for weak leaders and sign of incapacity.
“All it (the Presidency) does is to complain. This government blames all but itself. As long as this govt blames others the solution can never be with it but with those it blames.
“Since this government cannot fight all those sabotaging it, then why is it a government? Probably, the saboteurs will keep sabotaging him (Jonathan) and we will keep paying for it,” she said.

CASTING SPELLS FOR 2015 ... ALL FOR THE DOLLAR GAINS : Jonathan may not rule beyond 2015 – Dokubo-Asari …says quarrel with Obasanjo unnecessary ... PunchNews

Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteers Force, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has declared that President Goodluck Jonathan may not rule beyond 2015.
Dokubo-Asari based his statement on the facts that the President had lost the support of his political stronghold-South/East and South/South, going by the result of the 2011 presidential election.
The Ijaw activist had in March this year declared that Jonathan would occupy the Presidential Villa for eight years from 2011.
But at a news briefing on Friday in Abuja, he made a U-turn and declared that it would be difficult for Jonathan to go beyond 2015 because of the ‘greedy’ people around him.
He said these people were responsible for the current rift between Jonathan and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo.
He said, “We have continued as Ijaw people and the entire Niger Delta and South-South to support President (Goodluck) Jonathan, but the time has come when silent cannot be golden. We must speak out on issues that are very critical for the survival of our people, the survival of the people of the South-South and the South-East, which is the political base Jonathan.
“Jonathan is surrounded by very greedy people who are only in the Presidency to enrich themselves at the expense of the President himself.
“This brings us to another Kalabari proverb which says: ‘Where there are elders, a goat cannot be allowed to deliver while tied to a stick.’ If we don’t talk and we continue to brush it aside, tomorrow we will be blamed and people will say: ‘Mujahid Dokubo-Asari was around when Jonathan was President, and he didn’t talk;’ then I will be an accomplice and accessory after the fact.”
Asari, who said he had benefited from Jonathan, stressed that whatever benefit he had gained from the President was not enough to silence him.

INSULTING THE PEOPLE'S INTELLIGENCE ... A LOST CAUSE : No time limit for returning Chibok girls alive – Nigerian Presidency ... PremiumTimes

Doyin chibok
The Nigerian presidency has dismissed concerns over the prolonged abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, Borno State, saying the government has no time limit to return the long-suffering teenagers alive to their families.
The message, delivered Monday by a presidential spokesperson, appeared to imply that the government is taking its time to rescue the girls who have been in Boko Haram captivity for nearly nine months.
The girls were kidnapped on April 14 by the extremist group, which has recently seized territories in Nigeria and is pushing for the creation of an Islamic State.
The Nigerian government has in the past ruled out the use of force for the rescue of the girls.
Attempts at negotiations have also failed, the biggest being a ceasefire the government said it agreed with Boko Haram in October, which turned out false.
Speaking on Channels TV programme, Sunrise Daily, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said the government had no time limit on when the girls should be expected home alive.
“There is no time limit for returning the girls alive,” Mr. Okupe said. “The issue of the Chibok girls is a national tragedy that must be borne with fortitude. Government has not given up on finding and rescuing the girls.
Mr. Okupe said the Chibok girls’ case remains a “major thorn in the flesh of this administration”, and assured that the government would have done anything possible to have them released if that were possible “yesterday”.
Mr. Okupe said the issue demanded extreme caution to avoid losing the girls.
Describing the girls’ kidnap as not the regular incident involving the seizure of one or two persons, the presidential spokesperson said the rescue of over 200 girls must be handled with utmost care.
“Any mistake will lead to their death. That is why we (the government) are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea,” he said.
He cited President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to Chad’s President Idriss Deby, as an indication of the extent the government would be prepared to go to have the girls back.
On the security situation in the North East, particularly in states where emergency was declared, Mr. Okupe said the military was now in “total and perfect control”, as the insurgents have since been driven out from all territories, including Mubi, Baga, and Gwoza, they were said to have occupied.
According to him, the military has not only re-organised itself, it has overhauled its operational and administrative capacity with increased funding and equipment.
He said the insurgency in Nigeria has since taken a multi-national colouration, which was beyond the country, with the extremists group having contacts with networks in the Islamic Maghreb, Al Qaeda and ISIS that are ideologically highly motivated than the soldiers.
“Ideological insurgency is an extremely difficult situation to cope with. That is why I say we are in a state of war. Soldiers are not trained to kill themselves like the insurgent. They are trained to use their weapons to stave off the attack of the enemy,” he said.
“Even if the government were to line up the over 200,000 military men Nigeria has along the over 1,500 kilometres distance of the North East border, Mr. Okupe said it would not be adequate to secure the area, as they would still be about 10 metres apart from each other.”